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The Sinking of Sewol Sparks Terre Haute in Korean Community Engagement in the U.S.A.

On April 16, 2014, the South Korean ferry, Sewol, sank in the sea near Jindo County in South Korea. Many high school students drowned because of design flaws and from following wrong instructions from crew members for escaping the ship. South Koreans in and out of the country were devastated and angry about the news. In Terre Haute, Indiana, the South Korean families that lived

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To Reclaim, To Live

“Surviving is more than just staying alive; surviving is learning how to live again.” When I first read this quote by Carl Wilkens, I knew I wanted to know more about the man and his activism.  It felt like someone had captured the meaning of what it means to survive and overcome trauma which is the result of oppression that can take the form

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