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The 20th century was the bloodiest in human history. In case after case, most of the world silently stood by while groups of people were targeted because of who they are. We invented a name for the horror – “mass atrocities” and “genocide” – the deliberate and systematic destruction of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group by a state or non-state group.

We now know that genocide and mass atrocities come with certain patterns and warning signs. Genocide and mass atrocities can be prevented. It takes moral understanding, political will, and governmental capacity to act.

We believe that we – the citizens of the United States – have the power and the responsibility to prevent genocide.

The goal of the Carl Wilkens Fellowship is to grow a nationwide network of leaders who will shape US policy so that it is effective in preventing and ending genocide.

Our fellows will learn the skills and develop the relationships necessary to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Build political will. Increase the number of leaders who will educate and empower their communities to raise the alarm with their elected officials when we see the warning signs of genocide.
  • Coordinate a movement. We want to increase the number of local organizations dedicated to genocide prevention, working within a coordinated national movement.
  • Unify the theme. We want to institute April as National Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, to provide structure and an umbrella theme for all parties to work under.
  • Strengthen the movement. We want to make the movement stronger by unifying policy makers, survivors, scholars, faith leaders, human rights advocates, and institutions behind one goal: ending genocide.