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The Carl Wilkens Fellows represent communities across the length and breadth of the United States. These remarkable individuals share a long-term commitment to the anti-genocide movement, to their leadership within their community spaces, to their communities themselves, and to each other. In all of these respects, our Carl Wilkens Fellows believe in the importance and necessity to build a permanent anti-genocide constituency willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities.

Fellows create strong relationships with their own Members of Congress and those who sit on key committees and the Sudan Caucus. They conduct in-district meetings, create personal relationships with foreign policy staff, and make regular phone calls to their MoC’s office. Additionally, every year the mid-year retreat is in Washington D.C. and includes a lobby day.

Fellows are founding members and actively involved in local and state community organizations such as Darfur and Beyond, San Francisco Bay Area Darfur Coalition, Jewish World Watch, CANDLES Holocaust Memorial and Education Center, One Million Bones, Georgia Coalition to Prevent Genocide, World Without Genocide (N) and several others. Additionally Fellows lead work with strong national groups such as US Campaign for Burma, Act for Sudan, Invisible Children, Enough Project, the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program, American Jewish Council, and Jewish Council for Public Affairs

Fellows craft and facilitate national policy campaigns. Examples include Pledge2Protect, H.R. 1692, Act for Sudan Summit Lobby Day, Hear Her Voice, 1 800 GENOCIDE, HR 1588, SCR 71, and several policy-based National Call-in Days.

Fellows create and push out national education and community-based campaigns that strengthen the foundation of a permanent anti-genocide constituency including April events for Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month, Act For Sudan’s campaign This is Darfur: Guisma’s Story, One Million Bones, The Butterfly Project at the Houston Holocaust Museum, Kwibuka20, Camp Darfur exhibits, Act for Sudan’s Emergency Action Summit, Hear Her Voice, One Million Bones, The Canvas Peace Project, Dream for Darfur Olympics Campaign, Living Ubuntu, and solidifying statewide acknowledgment (resolutions and proclamations) of April as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month.

Fellows pursue and support projects that are in countries where mass atrocities have occurred that focus on healing, reconciliation, the peace process, and prevention. Examples include the Panzi Foundation to support Panzi Hospital in Congo; child development and leadership through dance in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guinea, and Rwanda at Rebecca Davis Dance Company; several Fellows have led trips to Northern Ireland, Columbia, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Germany to help facilitate education and understanding about mass atrocities.

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Atlanta Rabbi Ron Segal blows shofar to open 2007 Darfur Rally
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