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Rebecca Davis is the founder and Artistic Director of the not-for-profit organization The Rebecca Davis Dance Company (RDDC) in Philadelphia. The Company presents original, narrative ballets based on history, literature and social issues. Their repertoire includes “Darfur” and “Greed: The Tale of Enron”.

After creating the 2008 production entitled DARFUR, Rebecca began traveling to post-genocide countries to examine the effects of ethnic conflict and the steps towards reconciliation. During her travels, she discovered a parallel: street children had a deep love of dance. Returning to RDDC in Philadelphia, she decided to begin projects abroad that would give street children a safe haven through dance classes.

As Rebecca’s knowledge and experience grew in the field of international development, she realized that RDDC could be positioned to help children in post-conflict areas if the dance lessons were combined with an educational model to develop street children’s basic skills. In 2010, the RDDC Board of Directors decided to re-orient the company to solely focus on developing these programs abroad.

Presently, RDDC has local staff in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Guinea and Rwanda. These teams work with RDDC/USA to operate the children’s programs and host international dance instructors and educational specialists to provide the ongoing services to the local population.

Rebecca holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from Temple University and completed a Fulbright scholarship in Saint Petersburg, Russia, for ballet and choreography studies. She is currently pursuing her Masters of International Relations with a concentration in Peacekeeping through American Public University System. Rebecca used her CWF experience to expand her knowledge of opportunities in which she can use dance as a tool of awareness and prevention in the global anti-genocide movement.