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Cynthia has been a decorative artist and owner of Cynthia Davis Designs and WalloversTM since 1994. She first became interested in genocide prevention through her childrens’ work in high school with STAND, a student run ant-genocide group. She became the advisor to her daughter’s high school STAND club in 2008 which led her to meeting one of the “Lost Boys”, Gabriel Bol Deng. She then served for 3 years as fundraising chairperson on the board of Deng’s organization, Hope For Ariang, helping to bring primary education and literacy to a war torn area of South Sudan. In 2011 Cynthia traveled to South Sudan with Carl Wilken’s Fellow classmate Cory MacMahon and Gabriel Bol Deng to visit Ariang, South Sudan. Cynthia is the founder of The Canvas Peace Project, an effort using art for advocacy by raising awareness of the conflicts in Sudan through painting exhibits. The project funds a women’s small business in Ariang Village. She has been a volunteer for The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Habitat for Humanity and the Lighthouse Program in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Cynthia is currently a graduate student at World Learning/SIT in Brattleboro Vermont where she will earn an MA in Service Leadership Management and Conflict Transformation and holds a BA in Mass Communications from The University of Vermont. She is married to her husband Joel Davis of JDevents for 27 years and lives in Fairfield, Connecticut. They have two grown children Benjamin and Stephanie.