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About Kelley Szany

Director of Educational Outreach & Genocide Initiatives for the Illinois Holocaust Museum, oversees all educational outreach programs for the Museum.

Honoring our Promise

During this month, when candles will be lit in remembrance of the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and with commemorations across the globe in observance of January 27, 2015 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the global community stands at a cross-road of consciousness. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, it was hoped that the world would stand together to confront hatred, intolerance

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I believe in Humanity. Will you join me?

A few weeks ago I experienced the loss of a tremendous friend, Cipora Katz. Cipora was a child survivor of the Holocaust and, at four years of age, survived underground in a potato silo with members of her family for 22 months and 3 days until liberation came. The loss of Cipora was profound and shook the core of my spirit. For over a

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