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Theo Commits to Social Change

Have you tried an amazing Theo chocolate bar? I have always been partial to the brand because this Seattle based company shares its name with my husband, but even deeper than that connection, is the company’s commitment to social change. Theo chocolates has paved the way for a conversation and is significantly shaping the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

While the DRC is rich in natural and human resources, it has the lowest per-capita gross domestic product in the world. Violence, poverty, and disease in the DRC have claimed the lives of over 5 million men, women, and children. And despite democratic elections and multiple peace agreements, the eastern region is still impacted by conflict, which has significantly diminished the availability of reliable, income-generating employment, as well as education and health care.

This year alone, Theo will purchase more than 640 tons of cocoa from the small holder farmers Eastern Congo Initiative supports – enough to make 9 million chocolate bars! ECI is aimed at promoting peace and economic development in the region, which desperately need it.

Theo Chocolate speaks to me, not just because I love chocolate, but because as a company, it exemplifies the values I hold dear to me. Social responsible, committed to families, the environment and treating people fairly, I love that I can see myself in a chocolate bar.

In these moments of chaos and craziness, I adore the moment of grounding I get when I am at the grocery store with 3 grumpy kiddos. I hit the end of the aisle and displayed on the end cap, my eyes see the chocolate and I am reminded of the possibilities. The possibilities when one sticks to your principles and believes in the good of others.

Where do you see yourself during the day? Do you have places to anchor you? Keep you going? I continue to look for these grounding places and this Valentine’s Day, my sweetie will be getting a chocolate bar full of much more than a delicious treat. He will get a part of me- my vision, my values.

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